Who gives us the right to torture?!



From the article,” Torture and Tough Questions: Why Zero Dark Thirty Deserves to Win Best Picture” written by Jason Michelitch the most outstanding line reads,


“The argument cannot be that we should not torture because it does not work. The argument must be that we should not torture because it is wrong. “


Some people agree with Michelitch’s writing while others disagree. Brett Easton Ellis tweeted the following:

Bret Easton Ellis        ✔ @BretEastonEllis

The US critics lauding Zero Dark Thirty need to admit that they’re admiring a morally indefensible movie. I don’t care how “exciting” it is.

9:02 AM – 19 Dec 2012


I haven’t watched the movie yet so I decided to read the plot and watch the trailer to get a better understanding. From the plot it stated that the film’s graphic depiction of torture has generated controversy, with some critics describing it as pro-torture propaganda, as torture is shown as producing reliably useful and accurate information. The film creates the strong impression that the enhanced interrogation technique was the key to finding Bin Laden but some say this is false.

When I look up the word torture it states that torture is the infliction of severe physical pain as a means of punishment or coercion. Now some people may read this and think nothing of it, while others will look at it as being cruel and evil.

I think this appears the same as in watching the movie.


Whether one person’s life is more valuable than next I would definitely not agree unless it came to a situation between life and death. For example, to save the life of a baby or an 80 year old person. I think then that may be the only time such a decision can be made due to obvious reasons although we are still not given that authority in this life to make such drastic decisions.

Torture will NEVER be OK. When I picture it or imagine myself getting a beating, I always think to myself how does one fight and give the next person a blue or bloody eye. I also think torture has such traumatizing effects on whoever the victim is; whether it leaves them feeling they are made stronger or as scared as a mouse.

Not too long ago while I was on my second Block, I met quite a few children that I became quite attached to and after seeing them every day it would often happen that this one girl would come running to me for help or I would find her crying on the mat. When I asked her what happened, she replied that the boys would play roughly with her and hit her. I also found that she would hit them too. Because I hate hearing about males hitting females I decided to sit down with her and the boys involved and I explained to them that no matter what she does to irritate them, they must never hit her. I also mentioned to her that she must not start any fights with them.


With that said, torture remains highly controversial. I say this because with me or probably most of you reading this, if someone had to hit or abuse one of your family members/loved ones, and you were to run into them at some point, I’m almost 100% sure your reaction would not be a “hello how you doing” one. Instead you might just leave the area handcuffed.

In conclusion, I was not sure how to conclude all of this, so I asked my mother what she thought about this topic and she replied,” whether torture is right or wrong depends on who you are speaking to..” The weird part about this response is that it is so true and I understood why she said that. You could be talking to a dad whose son just got a huge beating and now he is after the attacker, or it could be a very religious person who believes that only God should punish his people. 


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