Ethics and Physio- Hand in Hand



Over the past six weeks I have found every topic to be an interesting one and it really made me question my behaviour and thoughts as well as other students to a great extent. I say this because everyone will always have their own opinions and thoughts about how something should be carried out but it may not always be the ‘best’ or ‘right’ way.

Because of this I found myself having to do research and having to read other students and physiotherapists blogs so that I could  not only get an idea of how and what they were thinking, but also make sure that I produce a post that is open for discussion that is not too one sided.

Three major topics that was very controversial and stood out for me was equality, torture and euthanasia.

Reading through other blog posts, academic research and watching videos made me realize that 1) Equality in the work place or equality in general is not practiced by individuals as we expect or how it should be practiced. However, fellow students have mentioned that they, themselves try to be the best physiotherapists they can be whether they are treating a gangster or an old innocent lady.

Just yesterday I had an encounter with a patient who came in with very very bad personal hygiene and as physiotherapists we had to somehow push through and provide him with the best treatment.

2) At first I always believed torture was evil and cruel and should never be allowed but after reading and having conversations with outsiders about the topic, it was quite clear that torture does indeed take place all over the world and some people just believe that it is the right thing to do-with or without reason. I personally would still never find it in me to torture the next.

And then thirdly, the topic of euthanasia. I have always been two minded about euthanasia since we started discussing it in second year. However, the more we discussed it the more I realized how normal it could be in this world. People no longer see it as killing or taking another’s life or playing God, but rather as ending ones misery and helping the next individual as a health care professional-which is our main aim at the end of the day.

My expectations for the course have indeed been met. I must say, I never expected to get so involved in one topic and spend a few hours trying to discuss it and challenge the topic question. I found the course to be enjoyable, time manageable and interesting and I think that that the feedback and comments was a great idea as it made us think twice or thrice about what we had just wrote. The feedback that we received from our peers was also very helpful and motivating as I found myself correcting future posts and trying to improve. I also received really good, encouraging comments which made me feel that the past six weeks proved to have been educational and stimulating.

Most of all, I learnt that people behave in a way that they think, believe and are taught is correct. Majority of the time we come across the ripe bunch that are on the right path when it comes to professionalism and ethics and then other times there is just that few that we have to try and educate to do better, even if it is ourselves that has some learning to do.

Remember that everyday should be a learning experience 🙂